Monday, November 29, 2010

Miss Us?

What's that you say? You miss us desperately? You were spoiled by the daily sneaky-peeky posts and want us back on your Google Reader?

It's hard to blame you. :)

The problem is we're sorting through photo after photo of reckless gorgeousness. I mean, who has time to blog when you're looking at pictures like the one below from Rebekah Westover Photography?

But rest assured. We are still here. We're still working on the 2011 issue that will grace your manicured fingertips come January. And we're still going to blog said reckless gorgeousness 'til your wedding do us part. (Though if you still want to read our pretty posts after your nuptials, we, like, totally understand.)

In any case. Be patient with us, and stay tuned. 

We're just getting started. 

PHOTO BY Rebekah Westover Photography (

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sneak Peek Week — Day 5

PHOTO BY Nichole V. Photography (

As the managing editor of Utah Valley Bride, images like this one from Nichole V. Photography continually pop up on my screen.

And then I can. not. wait. for January to come so blushing brides get to see just how talented the wedding vendors are in this valley. I mean, it's unreal.

So dearly beloved, as we've gathered together this week for our sneaks and our peeks, remember this: In two months time, you best be flipping through your copy of the 2011 Utah Valley Bride. Because you know what they say ...

Turn pages, turn heads.

(OK, they totally don't say that. I just came up with it. But they so totally could say that.)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sneak Peek Week — Day 4

Want a little coverage?

Check out this snapshot of our staff contemplating cover candidates for the 2011 Utah Valley Bride

As you can see, we pretty much leave the men out of it. :)

November 2010

Among the girlish figures congregated in our design room is our editor-in-chief, Jeanette Bennett, at the computer; my co-managing editor, Kate Lehnhof, doing the finger talking; and me, Briana Stewart, the green arm at the bottom left holding my 6-month-old daughter, Margaret. This is, in fact, Margaret's second Utah Valley Bride magazine, as she was "bumping" her way into our meetings last year.

The above photo is a far cry from MY first Utah Valley Bride magazine six years ago (for you history buffs, the inaugural issue came out in 2002). Back then we congregated in a wee little room shared by four people, I was a college intern (with the denim arms) and Kate was MIA thanks to a little thing called Spanish Fork High School (go Dons!). Jeanette, however, wins the consistency contest by holding her post at the computer.

But the biggest difference, you ask? We hadn't yet figured out the men bit. :)

November 2004

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sneak Peek Weak — Day 3

What a day. 

Gown after gorgeous gown made its way to InStudio by Kenneth Linge for our wedding dress shoot of the 2011 Utah Valley Bride. You know, the one that will saunter onto newsstands come January?

And what can you say except ... sigh. (Do I sigh too much on this blog? Perhaps. But YOU try having a job this pretty.)

Below you'll find two images from our day that was dressed to the nines (until the fives). In addition to the amazing Linges, we had Suggestions Salon (led by the ever-lovely Darcy Moody) on the scene all day styling our models to editorial perfection.

By the by, if you're looking at these photos wondering, "Why is that picture so dark?" or "Why can't I see the details of that gown I know I must have?" — then question no further. 

These are peeks — and we're feeling a little sneaky.

 In this shot, MaryLyn Linge, one of the photographers, tests the lighting while one of our models, Annie, dons a beauty from Alta Moda Bridal.

 Another model, Heidi, gets her inner-goddess on in this Avenia Bridal gown while co-editor, Kate, and I gush from the sidelines.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sneak Peek Week — Day 2

Need some wedding day "dos"? Then don't miss our article on dressing your tresses in the upcoming 2011 issue of Utah Valley Bride.

Below you'll find just one of the stylings we're featuring, courtesy of the amazing Suggestions Salon of Orem (we kind of totally adore them). But you'll have to wait until the magazine hits mailboxes to see the rest of our hair wonders.

Oh, patience. We never did like that virtue.

HAIR BY Suggestions Salon (801.226.6993)
DRESS BY Allyse's Bridal (
PHOTO BY David Blackhurst

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sneak Peek Week — Day 1

Editor's Note: As we giddily put together our 2011 issue of Utah Valley Bride, we're declaring this week Sneak Peek Week on the blog! Check back every day for a glimpse into our upcoming glossy pages.

In honor of today's winter wonderland weather, here's a peek at one of the gorgeous weddings we'll be featuring in our annual "love stories" section. The photographer is the eye-catching Captured by Mikki.

Find out the who, where, when and how (the what and why seem rather self-explanatory), and see this image and more in the next Utah Valley Bride — which will hit newsstands January 2011.

PHOTO BY Captured By Mikki (