Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TPWMP #4 — Happy-tizers

You know what else we learned at the Thanksgiving Point Wedding Media Preview? 

Appetizers served on a spoon make us happy. Very, very happy. (Ergo "happy-tizers.")

APPETIZER Asian Chicken Slaw topped with wontons and served on Asian soup spoons
APPETIZER BY Thanksgiving Point (

Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Rebekah

 Rebekah Westover

We interrupt our TPWMP updates for a very important cause ...

You MUST meet Rebekah Westover. You know, of Rebekah Westover Photography

Since she's the one behind the lens of our lovely 2011 spring cover bride, our hope is that you already know her. But the goal here today is to make that hope a reality.

So to help you meet cute, Utah Valley Bride "took five" with Rebekah and zoomed in on what she loves about photographing weddings. Read her answers and then enjoy three shots of her dearly beloved work.

Trust us. It's nice to meet her.

1. How long have you been photographing weddings?
Seven years.

2. How did you get interested in wedding photography?
I have loved photography since I was a kid. When all of my friends started getting married I became very interested in wedding photography. I love photographing weddings because it encapsulates so many great aspects of photography ... design, beauty, travel, fashion, photojournalism, fine art and portraits. Getting to photograph such a happy time in someone's life is a privilege and SO fun!
3. Favorite season to shoot in?
Fall. I love the colors and I love the light during that time of year.

4. Favorite memory from a wedding you shot?
I recently photographed a wedding at Sundance. The bride and groom were high school sweethearts and so in love. During their ceremony when they were reading their vows, I became all teary-eyed because their words to each other were so sweet. I love weddings like that — when it's about a couple's LOVE for each other ... not about the whole production of the wedding.

5. What makes the bridal industry in Utah so fabulous?
I love that wedding vendors here are friends and help each other out.

PHOTOS BY Rebekah Westover Photography (

Friday, March 25, 2011

TPWMP #3 — Sweet Somethings

Here at Utah Valley Bride, we love ourselves some sweet talk. 

And at the Thanksgiving Point Wedding Media Preview, Tasha Mitchell, owner of Cake-A-Licious, shared these tasty tips.

Inventive cake flavors are deliciously in style. Pictured are some of Tasha's cakes we're sweet on: Rootbeer Float, Key Lime Coconut and Orange Dreamsicle. Please and thank you. 

Lace cakes are hot right now. You can do fondant lace or put actual lace on the cake. You can even match the lace on your wedding dress to the lace on your cake!

Buttercream is totally making a comeback. Totally.

If you're doing cupcakes at your wedding, jazz them up with cupcake papers. So fun!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

TPWMP #2 — Inviting, Indeed

Putting a reception's timeline of events on a wedding invitation? In picture format? We do, we do, we do.

You can request the pleasure of our company any time. 

PHOTO COURTESY Thanksgiving Point (
INVITATION BY Details by Ramey (

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TPWMP #1 — Gray Area

First of all, TPWMP = Thanksgiving Point Wedding Media Preview. (Obvs.)

Second of all, this is the first of many tips, trends and giveaways we'll be spilling over the next few days. (You're welcome.) 

So with further ado ... (because ados are fancy and fun) 

TPWMP #1 — Gray Area

Did you know gray is the new black when it comes to your man (and his groomsmen)? Well, so says Clark from Clarks Tuxedos

And you know what else he predicted? Bowties are making a comeback. (We here at Utah Valley Bride are v. v. excited about that one. Bowties are nostalgically dreamy.)

PHOTO COURTESY OF Thanksgiving Point (

Giving Thanks

Utah Valley Bride has been wooed, people. Wooed.

We're back from the Wedding Media Preview at Thanksgiving Point, and girl was it love at first coo. (Sidenote: Ever notice that coo rhymes with woo? Anyway ...)

Since we're not the selfish type, we're going to share with you tips, trends and — wait for it — giveaways! (And gorgeous giveaways at that.) So check back to our blog this week and next about as often as you think about your wedding.

Yep. That much. :)

PHOTO COURTESY Thanksgiving Point (
DRESS BY Allyse's Bridal (
HAIR BY Amara Day Spa (

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stairway to Heaven

WE DO ... stair shots!

Eye-catching staircases (of both the steep and swirly variety) are always a bridal backdrop beauty. So look up, down and around for these steps in the right direction.

PHOTO BY Rosalyn Photography (

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How Sweet It Is

WILL YOU ... be sweet in your cake cutting? Or have a little salty fun? 

PHOTO BY Bryant Livingston Photography (
For more on Hayley and Eric's wedding, check out their love story here in the 2011 Utah Valley Bride.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fun

Happy Friday, bridal blog land!

Here's hoping your weekend is as carefree and adorable as this cute local bride, Jennifer. 

(And yes, weekends can totally be adorable.)

PHOTO BY Photography by McKenzie (

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Love

Don't have enough space in your purse for the 2011 Utah Valley Bride

Then check out its travel-size partner, the Bride Digest, found in the March/April issue of sister publication Utah Valley Magazine

(But in all seriousness, you should really have a purse big enough for your 2011 Utah Valley Bride, mmmkay?)

This delightful digest has quick tips, little treasures and vivacious vendors you'll want to get engaged to — and fast. 

This is Utah Valley, after all. :)

You can pick up a copy of the March/April issue at Barnes & Noble in Orem, Borders in Provo, local grocery stores or at our office in Orem (424 W. 800 North, Ste. 201).

Happy traveling!

COVER PHOTO BY Dan Hixson Photography (

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Right Angle

WHAT TO LOVE The angle. The setting. The coloring. The serenity. The cover bride

WHAT TO LEARN Find a photographer that has an eye for interesting angles and unique (though not necesarily trendy) setups. An expert photographer (like our friend Dan Hixson here) can be current and classic — all in the same snap.

BRIDE Amanda
PHOTO BY Dan Hixson Photography (
DRESS BY Alta Moda Bridal (

Friday, March 4, 2011

Flying Colors

SAGE ADVICE ... be void of color (occasionally!).

As much as we love color (and girl, do we love color), have your wedding album includes shots void of color and full of gorgeous.

Need proof? Oh, yes. Here it is ...

PHOTO BY Nichole V. Photography (

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flower Power

We smell a success, brides and grooms.

Flower Patch is hosting a Bridal Open House this Saturday, March 5 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

From flowers to cake testing (yum and a half) to a bridal fashion show, you're going to want to set this date.

Check out the flier below for details ...