Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey, Bright Eyes

WHAT TO LOVE These colors! That tree! Their blissful expressions! That tree!

WHAT TO LEARN Color is your friend. Talk to your photographer about hue-tiful locations that will help you pop off the page. (Yes, I totally just said hue-tiful.)

PHOTO BY Rebekah Westover Photography (

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cover Love

DID YOU KNOW ... this was almost the photo we picked for Amanda's 2011 cover shot? 

We adored it then. We adore it now.

PHOTO BY Dan Hixson Photography (
DRESS BY Alta Moda Bridal (

As you know, though, we ended up going with this sigh-worthy shot of Amanda and her man. 

Loved it then. Love it now. 

Read more about Amanda's wedding here. For the love!

PHOTO BY Dan Hixson Photography (

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get A Move On

PHOTO BY Christine Olson Photography (

Wedding videography? Yes, please! Get the lowdown on moving pictures from local videographer Elizabeth Welch, of Fielding Films ( Elizabeth owns the company with her husband, Landon, and below she shares her top three tips for a vivacious vid. 

And check out one of her company's love-ly videos here. Swoon!

The best part of planning your wedding is your personality and style get to shine! The choice you make in hiring a videographer should be no different. Explore your options and find the right videographer who has a similar style to you. Meet with a few different people and see if your personalities mix well. It is important to work with someone who makes you feel relaxed and completely comfortable.

You and your fiance should decide how much having a videographer means to both of you. Having your wedding filmed gives you the opportunity to relive those memories you and your fiance have made on your special day. A picture tells a thousand words, but a video tells the story. Find a videographer who fits your budget and who is willing to give you exactly what you want! Remember, they cater to you — not the other way around!

Relax! Seriously, take a deep breath. The engagement process and wedding day can be overwhelming and stressful at times, but remember to enjoy the process because it will all be gone soon. If you stay relaxed, this will show in your videos and you will be able to remember how happy you and your fiance were on the most important day of your lives. Enjoy the time you get to spend planning your wedding day — a day you have dreamed about your whole life. And smile! This is the fun part.