Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Got You Cover-ed

We love you, 2012.

And you know why? Because it means the brand new issue of Utah Valley Bride is out.

All together now: Squee! 

Its 156 glorious glossy pages are overflowing with local love, pictures galore, local vendors and ideas that will make your heart spin.  

Here's a peek at the four covers that will be distributed throughout the year. The Winter issue (photographed by the oh-so-lovely Jessie Alexis Photography) is on newsstands now. 

Now get a-planning! 

WINTER 2012 (On newsstands now!)
PHOTOGRAPHY BY Jessie Alexis Photography (

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Rebekah Westover Photography (

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Tamara Elise Photography (

 FALL 2012
PHOTOGRAPHY BY Alixann Loosle Photography (